We help you achieve collective success.

Andrew Hollo and his team work with partnerships (alliances, consortia, coalitions and committees) and organisations (boards, executive teams and specialists) to organise their efforts for greater impact. Our many government, non-profit and for-profit clients will tell you how we’ve dramatically increased their leadership on key issues by:

  1. crafting clear directionsthat address complex needs comprehensively;
  2. developing powerful and unified positionsthat gain support from funders, communities and partners;
  3. improving culture or practiceto break through performance barriers.

I look forward to talking with you about new ways we can add tremendous value to your clients.

Andrew Hollo
Director, Workwell Consulting

"It was as if you'd been swimming inside our varied brains and knew which cells needed awakening. I was challenged, awakened, humbled and inspired."

Carol Wood-Rich
Manager, HR Quality
Standards and Learning, Victoria Police

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