Aligned strategy for
government agencies
and non-profits

Owned by your leaders
Believed in by your people and your customers
Invested in by funders and partners

Andrew Hollo, Founder & CEO

Aligned strategy for
government agencies
and non-profits

Owned by your leaders
Believed in by your people and your customers
Invested in by funders and partners

Andrew Hollo, Founder & CEO

Andrew has an unerring ability to take multiple points of view and distil the essence of each, and synthesise them into a workable paradigm.

Janet Michelmore Director, Jean Hailes for Womens Health

Thank you for making the complex simple, and pointing everyone in the same direction. An incredible skill.

Vicki Sutton Chief Executive, Melbourne City Mission

Andrew has the unique talent of being able to connect and effectively work with a diverse range of people, often with disparate views, to find common purpose, vision and action.

Kaylene Conrick Chief Executive, Litchfield Council

Andrew brings flair, energy, pace, new perspectives and refreshing strategy to all his projects.

Leanne Wells Chief Executive, Consumers Health Forum

This was the first time in many years where I experienced truly beneficial, practical and tangible strategies in leading change.

Jacqui SchulzDepartment of Health and Human Services

The Scorecard

Discover your Alignment Score

Your Strategic Alignment Scorecard benchmarks your ability to achieve desired impact across an array of specific criteria demonstrated by the best public value organisations in Australia and globally.

There are 33 questions that test how well you are able to create alignment — of people, and ideas.

It’s free of charge, entirely confidential, with no strings attached and you get your results immediately.

The Book

From Impossible to Possible

Two Simple Rules To Assure Exceptional Public Value

In this easy-to-read but detailed guide for public sector and non-profit leaders, packed with real-life examples, Andrew shares:

  • 5 Essential Strategic Questions you should be able to answer, to articulate your value clearly
  • 6 Impact Multipliers that the world’s best public value organisations use
  • What the greatest enemy of good strategy is (and it’s not what you’d expect)
  • Practical advice on how to get your strategic ideas to gain real traction

Receive Chapters 1 & 2, with compliments from Andrew.

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Andrew’s Approach

Andrew makes the complex
clear, and the ambiguous tangible.

He will help you and your people willingly align their effort so you remain focused on your mission, despite the chaos and uncertainty around you. Andrew is Australia’s leader in creating synergies amongst disparate groups to solve complex and ambiguous problems. He has been extraordinarily successful in demanding, uncertain public sectors where change pressure is greatest: health, justice, human services, environment, infrastructure and regulation.

His clients report
that when they work
with Andrew, they:

Andrew’s Video Insights

Strategy Part 1
What is strategy, anyway?

Strategy Part 2
The litmus test of a great strategy.

Strategy Part 3
The biggest enemy of your strategy is not what you think.

Examples of our work

Read case studies where Andrew has re-energised or re-focussed public value organisations under change pressure.


Are your priorities, policy base or

desired results shifting?


Have you new leaders (CEOs, Board directors)

who want different or faster results?


Are you entering new markets or

developing new services or products?


Are you forming new entities

(joint ventures, partnerships, mergers)

where you need to succeed, fast?

Some of our many satisfied clients: